Your security shutters are custom made locally in South Africa from top quality aluminium. They have been designed and developed for over 9 years especially for the South African climate and conditions. We only use the highest quality powder coated aluminium which means not only do you save time on maintenance but you secure your investment too.

We only use a fully lockable key system so that there is no effort for you, all you do is just turn the double- locking key system and your shutters are locked into both the top and bottom tracks simultaneously. For your convenience and time saving, we can also offer you with a "master key" - one key fits all.

Your security shutters provides you with the protection you need, without compromising on your style. We have tested our shutters by banging on them relentlessly with a 2 pound hammer, the hammer just bounced off. We then took a 4 pound hammer and after 18 hard hits, the only thing to break was a small screw which connects the louvre to the handrail. Our design ensures that people cannot tamper with the louvres or try to take your valuables close by.

We have been in the window covering industry for over 20 years. We have an expert installation team that will not only take care of installing your shutters, but have been known for their expertise in taking care of your home whilst installing. They have worked in many prestigious homes both nationally and internationally. Our installation expertise is sought after.